Increase your website and mobile conversions with instant answers

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Qazzow gives your visitors answers right where they need them, helping you win more customers
  • Don't lose sales to unanswered questions

    Are visitors leaving your website because answers aren't easy to find?

    You aren't alone — more than half of website visitors abandon purchases due to unanswered questions, costing online businesses over $5 billion a year

    Qazzow's new approach, the one-click answer layer, significantly reduces abandonment

    Don't lose sales
  • Increase visitor engagement and conversion

    Increase engagement and conversion

    Visitors are 12x more likely to make a purchase

    Visitors view 3x more pages

    Visitors stay on the site 3x longer

    Qazzow customers have seen up to a 28% increase in conversion rates.

  • Empower visitors and lower support costs

    Lower support costs

    75% of web users want to self-help when faced with a question. Qazzow enables them to do so and saves you money in the process

    Results from customers show Qazzow can reduce support costs by up to 40%

    Empowering your visitors to help themselves increases their confidence and loyalty to your brand

  • Understand your visitors' behavior

    Understand your visitors

    Understand why visitors abandon your purchase process

    Learn the words your visitors use when asking questions

    Use Qazzow's insights to improve your website experience

    Market in the way your customers actually talk about your products and services

  • Simple to install, deploy, and manage

    Add one line of JavaScript, enter 20-25 questions to start, and turn it on with 1 click. That's it!

    Easy to install

    You control who supplies the Q&A — your company, your customers, or both

    Works on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones

    Customize Qazzow to look like your site

  • Leverage your existing support platform

    Qazzow integrates with Zendesk and other customer support platforms

    Zendesk integration